Monday, October 12, 2009

Day 15

Day 15 English 101 Fall 09

  1. Introductions and Conclusions

  2. A story about plagiarism.

  3. Integrating sources.

    1. Four Parts to every quote

      1. Signal phrase: As Egan notes, "they's a storm a brewin'" (MLA-3b)

      2. The quote, set off in quotation marks

      3. Parenthetical citation. (Egan 53). (MLA-4a)

        1. No pg. pp. etc

        2. If not stable page numbers (internet, for example), only author's name is needed.

      4. Make use of the quote by explaining how it fits the topic of the paragraph, or the overall thesis. Period goes at the end of the citation

  4. A couple of tricky bits

    1. If you are taking words out of a single sentence, use …

    2. If you are taking words out between sentences, use ….

    3. If you need to include a word not in the original quote, use brackets [ ]

    4. If you are quoting someone else, who is quoted someplace else, use "qtd. in"

    5. Do not use … at the beginning of end of quotes (considered redundant).

    6. When the author is unknown, use the title of the article. You may abbreviate the title.

    7. When the page numbers are unknown, use only the author's name if there is one.

  5. What to avoid:

    1. Quotes that just lay there.

    2. Dropped quotes.

    3. Not using quotation marks correctly.

    4. Not quoting accurately. (MLA-2b)

    5. Paraphrased material that is uncited. (MLA-2c)

  6. Works cited (MLA-4b) see especially page 383, 388, 392, 396.

  7. Sample essay MLA-5b especially page 412 for works cited.

  8. How should we score this?

Sample Essay?

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