Monday, October 19, 2009

Day 20

English 101 Day 20

Essay 2: Journey Essay Prewriting--

Pick one and write Who, What, Where, When, Why and How.

Five minutes.

Jim Casey

Reborn, Doubter/Seeker, Honest, Man of Thought,
Philosopher—Oversoul, Holy Spirit is One Human Spirit

Togetherness and cooperation over practicality

Is this Christianity? Is part of it Christianity?

Chapter 5: The Monster

Yakima Pallet and Bin and the tape measures

Any fruit packing line, mill, etc

Tenant farmers

Tractor driver muzzled and goggled by…

Who is taking it?


What happens to the small farmer once it's gone

Jefferson Agrarianism :Farmers are the backbone of the country because of the connection to the land. Dignity, self-respect, humility, life come from the land and the cycles we are connected to.

From last week:

Themes: One Big Soul, Unity in Family (Nuclear and of Man), Big guy v. Little Guy, Agrarianism, The evils of Capitalism

7—Car salesman—and a story.
8—Meet the Joads 67-74; 75-80; 81-85

9—Selling your life's work

10—Leaving the Land 90-97; 98-105; 106-114

Six Groups

Each group: A passage to read aloud—pick parts if you have them.

An essay question to ask the class about the passage.

Some of this conversation will be continued Tuesday.

H/W: Read Chapter 11 and 12

Quiz Ch. 1-12 Tuesday

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