Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Day 12

English 101 Day 12

  1. Hand in one copy of your essay to me. This goes to the next class.
  2. Groups of 3
  3. Some notes on how this works
    1. Pretend you are at a job. That you are pros getting paid for this because you are (20 points for helping each other) and you will—this is a skill your employers are looking for.
    2. Readers: Kind Honesty
      1. "You have my permission to rip my paper to pieces."
      2. Don't, but…
    3. Writers: Thick Skin
      1. You are not your rough draft.
      2. You are here to improve your writing. To learn a skill.
    4. Write down 2-3 questions you have about your rough draft.
    5. Number the paragraphs on your essay.
    6. Hand out your essay.
      1. Traditionally, this is when you apologize to your group.
    7. Pen in hand, read the essay aloud.
      1. Not the author. They read it too well.
    8. Mark it as you go.
      1. Listen for stumbles.
      2. Listen for nice sounds, too.
    9. Fill in the Worksheet
      1. One for your own, too.
    10. Discuss the worksheet with the author.
      1. Author is QUIET, taking notes, not explaining.
    11. Author asks their questions.
    12. Author thanks their peers.

Repeat with next essay.


Lana (Rapunzel) said...

On our dust bowl essays, do we need to have a title? If no one knows, I'll just ask Peters tomorrow...

Anonymous said...

comparing the dust bowl to katrina was a hard task even for the draft. I love the "you have permission to rip my paper to pieces" because if we actually say it and mean it we have a better chance of writing a better paper.