Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Day 8

English 101 Day 8

Where you should be right now:

1. Caught up on reading.

2. Preparing for quiz on Friday.

3. Considering essay options: Katrina (warnings, evacuation, recovery, race); Global warming (insects, desertification, current droughts); Banking crisis (boom/bust, frozen credit, no regulation, greed, bubbles); Chinese dust storms (over grazing, over use of land, booming economy, environmental crisis).

4. By Friday, you should have some idea of which broad topic you will cover.

5. If you know now, you should be combing through WHT for evidence/quotes and paying attention in class when we mention your topic.

6. For comparing to today, I'll keep posting links, but research takes time--you should plan on doing some of this over the weekend.

Discuss Chapter 8 good news bad news

Chapter 9—First 100 days

  • Recovery begins
  • Parallels to subprime banking crisis
  • A brief history
  • A video
  • Hoover and Bush? The Republican idea
  • Obama and FDR? The Democratic idea
  • Today's NYTimes editorial

Homework: Chapter 12 and 16 best quote, worst news, most powerful statistic

Reading: Wednesday Ch 16; Thursday 17-18; Friday 21; Saturday 23; Sunday Epilogue

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