Friday, September 25, 2009

Day 5

English 101 Day 5

The paper today.


and this.

  1. Names—Quiz
  2. Getting started on "Why Now?" question.
    1. Chapter Intro and Chapter 2 at your tables—two or three interesting things for us to look at.
    2. "Ample Warnings"?
    3. As a class
  • The essay is a compare contrast, with greater emphasis on the compare. But first we have to know what to look for. What was it like in the Southern Great Plains 1930's? Look at the forest, not the trees. Look for a thread.
  • So, essay options
    • Katrina
    • Global Warming/Climate Change
    • What else?
      • Southwest/Southeast US
      • China
      • Sub-Prime Mortgages/Housing Bubble
      • Banking Crisis

  • 3-5 pages isn't that much, so we're really looking for 3-4 similarities and maybe 1-2 differences.


Read WHT: Ch 5 (Saturday Ch 7; Sunday Ch 8; Monday Ch 9; Tuesday Ch 12)

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stephanie said...

i dont know about you guys but when i read something i perfer to read through the whole thing, i have trouble with skipping around it is like i lose myself somewhere very hard for me to do!