Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Book Preview

Book Preview

  1. What does the title suggest?
  2. What does the cover art suggest?
  3. What do the blurbs say?
    1. Who said them?
  4. What can you tell from the "About the Author"?
  5. What is the genre? fiction, nonfiction, biography, essay, poetry, history etc. Usually in the upper left corner on back.
  6. What other books has the author written?
  7. Is there a dedication?
  8. Is there an epigraph?
  9. What year was it first copyrighted?
  10. How are the chapters organized?
    1. What do the names of the chapters suggest?
  11. How is the book laid out? Big or small print? Number of pages?
  12. Are there illustrations, pictures?
  13. Is there an appendix, index or introduction?
  14. What does the marginalia look like?

List three assumptions you can make about the book you are previewing




1 comment:

Seth said...

1.) It is historical in a story form.

2.) The title tells of a coming disaster.

3.) We'll learn about the dust bowl and how it affected the lives of people who stayed there.