Thursday, September 24, 2009

Day 4

English 101 Day 4


  1. Names—Quiz Friday
  2. Log on to computers. Be patient.
  3. Online Bonus Points
    1. google account required
    2. One comment=2+ on topic, thoughtful sentences
    3. One comment= 1 point per thread
    4. Comments collected at the end of each month.
    5. You copy, paste and number them for me.
  4. For all bonus points—no more than 100% of the 40% grade.
  5. Getting started on "Why Now?" question.
    1. Try a google search.
    2. How about just using our minds?
    3. Intro and Chapter 1 at your tables—two or three interesting things for us to look at.
    4. As a class
  • The essay is a compare contrast, with greater emphasis on the compare. But first we have to know what to look for. What was it like in the Southern Great Plains 1930's? Look at the forest, not the trees. Look for a thread.
    • What is the big picture, so far?


HW: Read WHT: Ch 2



Adeana said...

How many sentances did Mr. Peters say this needed to be? I thought he said at least two, but I wanted to hear what everyone else had to say about it.

HeatherC said...

I think that the quiz we will do on Friday, about our classmates names, is a great way for all of us to get to know everyone.

Gutierrez.Yolanda said...

Can anyone explain to me who is Bam White? and what is his role in this history book?

Adeana said...

I can't seem to post my comments. Is anyone else having this problem.

Gutierrez.Yolanda said...

what was the main idea on chapter one? i'm kind of confused, can someone explain to me.

Seth said...

I think the name quiz is an evil thing! I am terrible with faces/names! But that's ok I suppose...

Anyways, get a google account!
Google is the closest thing to an omnipotent god we have. So make use of it!

Yolanda, I believe the first chapter of the book is not only a section of history but a metaphor for many thousands of people migrating. Think about it, thousands migrated and ended up in random places. The explanation of the chapter was at the end.

Tricia. N said...

I don't blog all that often, so this will be interesting for me, I guess. I didn't even know this web site, Blogger existed until today.

curtis.strom said...

Do the facts in the introduction support the title that this may have been The Worst Hard Times that may have been expirienced in modern history?

Melanie said...

hey Gibs you should read seths comment about chapter one maybe it will help you understand it better :)

el bryco said...

So if google is the closest thing we have an omnipotent god then what is Bill Gates to you? Like super king god man, and how would worship him... is that how he makes so much money?

Seth said...

Bill Gates didn't make google... I think.

I might be wrong about my assumption on the first chapter. But it seems accurate enough doesn't it?

I think it's incredibly odd that this disaster was so catastrophic, and yet we hear so little about it.

stephanie said...

my favorite quote from chap 1 was "They made sorrow come into our camps,and we went out like buffalo bulls when the cows are attacked," said Comanche leader Ten Bears in 1867."When we found them we killed them, and their scalps hang in our lodges. The white women cried , and our women laughed. The Comanches are not weak and blind like pups of a dog when seven sleeps old." This says a lot about the willingness of the indians to stay on their land or at least in my opionion to try!!! Maybe I am looking at it from a wrong point of view anyone have any idea.