Thursday, October 23, 2008

Day 23

Fall 08 English 101 Day 23


  1. Essays back in about a week. Please don't ask until next Wed.
  2. There are several adaptations of the book. The earlier version is better than the TV version. Capote and Infamous are both good, too and we'll be watching pieces of them.
  3. What makes this book unique/unusual?
    1. Fiction v. NonFiction
    2. Capote's method
  4. What are the issues so far?
  5. What makes people bad? What makes people murders?
  6. Why pick this book?
  7. Last to See Them Alive, plot
  8. Characters
    1. Herbert Clutter
    2. Dick Hickock
    3. Perry Smith
    4. Nancy Clutter
    5. Kenyon Clutter
    6. Bonnie Clutter
    7. Alvin Dewey
    8. Bobby Rupp

Homework: Read to 148 (go to 155 if you can)

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