Thursday, October 9, 2008

Day 13

Fall 08 English 101 Day 13

  • BP?
  • H/W: TKAM chapters 26/27

830 & 930 Quiz TKAM

1130 Study Guides then Quiz

Correct Quiz

Essay Topic

What are the cultural values of Maycomb?

By the end TKAM, what are Scout's values and how did she arrive at them? How do her values reflect the values of Maycomb? What did she pick and choose?

What are the broad categories?






Can we divide the categories easily? What sides/subcultures are there?

Who are the spokespeople/subcultures for those values?

Ok. Now. An outline. A thesis?

Next, GO TO THE BOOK. This is the best return on your time possible.

It will make your thesis better.

It will make your ideas more credible.

It will save you time when you come to write it.

You will get more dates and have fuller thicker shiny hair.

But it takes time. This is the heavy lifting.

You can help yourself by annotating in the book and by taking notes during class. If you're reading well, you can remember where it is in the book sometimes down to the exact position on the page.

You can find some of it on the storyboard.

You can also try sparknotes to help you get to the right spot quicker.

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