Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Day 17

Fall 08 English 101 Day 17


  1. BP?
  2. Yesterday
  3. Today: Peer Edit
    1. Notes: Thick skin. Kind honesty.
    2. Hand in one copy.
    3. Groups of 4 according to topic
    4. Number paragraphs
    5. Write 1-3 questions
    6. Exchange essays
      1. apologize
    7. Someone else reads your intro aloud, twice.
      1. Answer questions d-f.
    8. Then, choose the order of the essays.
      1. Continue reading the first paper aloud, marking it as you go.
    9. After reading, discuss questions asked by writer.
    10. Then, complete g-k for the first essay.
    11. Finally, go over your responses on the worksheet with the writer.
    12. Repeat three times.


Homework: Complete first peer review form for your group.

Complete Peer Review form for the other class. (10 pts).

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