Friday, October 10, 2008

Day 14

Fall 08 English 101 Day 14

BP? BP this weekend: Bird Walk, Gospel Choir.

  • H/W: Finish TKAM

Essay Topic

What are the cultural values of Maycomb?

By the end TKAM, what are Scout's values and how did she arrive at them? How do her values reflect the values of Maycomb? What did she pick and choose?

Yesterday we narrowed our topic down to specific values:






Then we divided the values into the subcultures with differing points of view.

(Ex: Race: Traditional Femininity / Feminist, free-spirits, individuals)

Next we asked:

Who are the spokespeople for these subcultures?

Then we sketch a tentative outline.


GO TO THE BOOK. This is the heavy lifting. (Although Amazon & Google make it easier).

Choose a topic that interests you. Find a connection. It does not need to be a direct connection. In fact, that's one of the points of the book.

You might care about race because of a friend. You might care about gender because of your sister. Maybe you care about the religious issues because you love your garden or you wash your feet.

Then, we'll work apart for half an hour. Find the evidence.

Keep a list of page numbers with notes on what the quote is.

Finally, we'll group up to share our research.

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