Friday, November 30, 2007

Day 44

English 101 Day 44

  1. Essays Due
  2. A Plate of Peas
  3. O/R. Y/N? Intro/Conclusion
    1. Y= +0
    2. N= +0
    1. Essays back Monday.
      1. My focus will be on scores and improvement.
      2. If I'm late getting them back, due dates will be adjusted accordingly.
    2. The Final Week—Special Guest Leon Lett
      1. Monday Bring Something to Work on in the Lab.
      2. Tuesday: MLA DeathMatch 2007, Round One, Portfolio Revision Worksheet Due
      3. Wednesday: Peer Editing, Bring two copies of Final, Final
      4. Thursday: MLA DeathMatch 2007, Round Two
      5. Friday: Final, Final Essays Due; A Cover Letter About Your Writing Due; Evaluation of my teaching in class.

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