Monday, December 3, 2007

Day 45

English 101 Day 45

  1. You are VERY CLOSE.
  2. Friday: Final, Final Draft of One Essay Due. You MUST INCLUDE with it the draft with my comments (Draft 2) and the rubric with your score for this essay to be considered.
  3. Essays back.
    1. 24 hour rule. You can talk to me right now, too.
    2. It's not where you start, it's where you finish.
    3. Progress, not perfection.
    4. For most, a lower score.
      1. Could be Thanksgiving?
      2. Most scores were lowered by lack of (good) EVIDence
      3. Lots of work on MLA needed. This week we'll try to help.
    5. Grades out tomorrow. Some decisions to make.
  4. Revision: Handout, read for homework
  5. MLA Hacker: Read MLA Section 3 and MLA Section 4 (intros)
  6. The Final Week—Special Guest Leon Lett
    1. Monday: Bring Essay to Work on in the Lab.
    2. Tuesday: MLA DeathMatch 2007, Round One, Portfolio Revision Worksheet Due
    3. Wednesday: Peer Editing, Bring two copies of Final, Final Rough Draft
    4. Thursday: MLA DeathMatch 2007, Round Two

Friday: Final, Final Essays Due; A Cover Letter About Your Writing Due, business letter example here, formatting here; Evaluation of my teaching done in class.

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