Thursday, November 29, 2007

Day 43

English 101 Day 43

  1. Rubric scores
  2. Outline your essays paragraph by paragraph.
    1. Sample
    2. Do you use EVIDENCE in each?
    3. Do you attempt to TRANSITION between them using KEY TERMS?
    4. Is it BALANCED? (Then/Now)
  3. Tests back and review
    1. Why it's more than a book and a test and a class.
    2. So, what do you do about it?
    3. Literature is a window. It can be a mirror. –Barry Grimes
    4. What touches me about it—
      1. I'm not naturally hopeful about the world. It's such a dark, sad place and people are so tight with their love, with compassion. Some of this is political. But it's bigger than that. It's our culture. We are increasingly crude, selfish, ignorant, hostile, cruel and divided.
      2. Steinbeck sees that, too. Banks, vigilantes, businessmen, the system. But he has faith in people. And your essay test, especially, makes me think that he got his point across. This is one of the reasons I like teaching. Why I need to teach. It gives me a feeling that I'm not on an island. We can read something and get something out of it that might make us better people, or that maybe we have a strong moral sense of outrage or duty to our brothers and sisters. That the system hasn't beaten everybody.
      3. This is this. That is that. This is that.
      4. Me. We. -- Muhammad Ali
      5. You don't have to agree with him.
      6. College is supposed to change you. Maybe some of you will feel so strongly, that you'll do something about it. You change your life around. You'll become like Tom—spirits.
  4. Grades out tomorrow (need to include 1130 RD and 930 Peer Editing)

MLA= Paper format + In-text citations+ signal phrases+ Works Cited

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