Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Day 36

English 101 Day 36

  1. Arid Lands?
  2. Tonight: Parker Room 7pm--History of Farmwork in Washington State
  3. Final Drafts of essay 2 due
  4. Oral reading? Yes= +5 No= +/- 0
  5. Essay 3 Assigned. The trick will be to work on your own and bring me questions/drafts/problems that I can help with. Rough draft due in about two weeks. But number of classes between then and now=4. Happy Thanksgiving.
  6. Preview of GoW final: Essay/Short answer Friday; Chapter 22-30 on Monday
    1. I won't be here tomorrow. The room will be open. You can come for "study group" discussion of essay/short answer preview. Or pick another place?

930: Brief survey from YVCC

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