Friday, September 24, 2010

Day 5

English 101 Fall 2010 Day 5
1. Names Quiz

2. Scene from “Little Buddha”

3. The Legend of the Buddha questions.

4. Essay One
a. Rough Draft Due—October 5th
b. Final Draft Due— October 11th

5. The Writing Process—C1

a. Planning
i. Assess the situation.
ii. Exploring ideas
iii. Formulating a tentative thesis
iv. Sketching a plan

b. Drafting
i. Introductions and thesis
ii. Body
iii. Conclusion

c. Revising
i. Global
ii. Revising and editing sentences
iii. Proofreading

d. Presenting
i. Layout and format.
ii. Headings.
iii. Lists
iv. Visuals
v. Academic formatting

6. Assessing the writing situation
a. Subject
b. Sources
c. Purpose and Audience
d. Length and format
e. Reviewers and deadlines

7. Warming Up: Exploring Ideas
a. Talking and Listening
b. Annotating Texts
c. Listing
d. Clustering
e. Freewriting
f. Asking Journalist's Questions
g. Read/Research

8. Homework: Read “This is What it Means to Say Phoenix Arizona


EmilyMurphy said...

I liked watching the movie today in class, and I am very glad that we are going over the writing process.

ian said...

Very Glad dan posted writing process in today's lesson plan cause i couldn't take notes fast enough today.

orozcoalejandra said...

The quiz over names was pretty tight!! lol.. Its funny when we hafta learn something we learn it if not forget it!!Got 100% yay!!