Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Day 2

English 101 Fall 2010 Day 2

1. Photographs, part two.
a. Quiz Friday

2. Food for Thought—Review and hand in w/names. (10pts)

3. Rituals and Rites of Passage

a. What is a ritual?
i. Any regular activity done in a set pattern can be ritualistic.

2. How do rituals help?

Tell us how to relate to and give meaning to experience.

Aid or guide life’s transitions.

4. Homework: Create Your Own Rite of Passage. Due Tomorrow. Some of the five steps can use same language. Must be “do-able” at YVCC. Bring props if you’d like us to try your rite of passage.

5. What makes a hero?
6. Star Wars or Avatar or Lion King or Harold and Kumar?
7. Hero’s Journey Overview.
8. Homework, read 49-72 in packet.


Dee said...

Ha, you referenced Harold and Kumar, that's hilarious!

ian said...

I didn't catch that dan refernced harold and kumar. Good thing I didn't, I would have probally made a smart ass coment.

orozcoalejandra said...

Its interesting how important rituals are in our life. For example death without a funeral..i never thought about that weird!!

bushyy0421 said...

So I think this Photographs thing was a really good idea, because I actually like knowing the names of my classmates. Unlike any of my other classes where you don't do anything but learn..huh wierd!! Haha but it was fun doing it, easy A.