Monday, August 2, 2010

Tom and Barack and Harold

Here's an ad aimed at Harold Ford.
Here's this picture.
And then, this ad.

Is this the same "race baiting" as in TKAM?

And then, more recently, as in July, race became a big issue again, briefly.
What is the difference between "reverse" racism and racism?
What can Zebo really do about it?

Finally, here's the president addressing race during the campaign.


Steve said...

the girl in the picture looks like she's just grinning and waiting for it to be over. looks staged. all politicians suck ass they already have butt loads of cash and could careless about the people that make their coffee or build their houses. i knew Obama would be no different than the rest when he announced his cabinet and all the people he appointed had already served under another president. hows that change anything Mr. Obama. they're all career politicians. my stand is we need to keep voting out the incumbent until they start to get the picture

Belinda said...
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Belinda said...

Wow Steve, you have a lot of issues on the table that I dare not touch. However, I must say that if you write a book with authors that have never written a novel before are you sure it will be a best seller? In my view (and I will not argue politics), some experience is needed to write a best seller. History should not be repeated, but we can still learn from it.