Monday, November 10, 2008

Day 35

Fall 08 English 101 Day 35

Don't forget: Kevin Miller 6pm Writing Center Wednesday (10 bp or +2abs) and Mark Fuzie 7pm Allied Arts Wednesday (5bp or +1abs). Do both and get fat on points BEFORE Thanksgiving.

  1. Setting (time and place)
  2. Characterization (the sort of person who…)
  3. Grading

    1. Practice essays
  4. Essays Options: Expand one of your in class essays on ICB (Such as pro/con death penalty, New Journalism, something from Kim's essay, looking closely at the four "causes" of the murder)

    1. Rough Draft Due November 20th.
    2. Final Draft Due November 24th.


    1. Listen to how people talk to each other

      1. Most of it is the weather.
      2. He's like a bull in a china shop…
      3. Eating out.
      4. Waiting in line.
      5. At the checkout.
    2. Dialogue is not real speech, but it should sound like it.

      1. Cut words and phrases that don't move things along
    3. Don't use dialogue provide exposition—keep it to three sentences or less
    4. Break it up with action—remind us they are physical

    5. Vary signal phrases, but keep it simple. Don't use elaborate signal phrases (she expostulated, he interjected)

    1. Avoid stereotypes in dialect, but…

      1. Huck Finn
      2. Carver's What We Talk About
    2. Don't over use slang/profanity. "Slang goes sour in a short time." --EH
    3. Read a lot. Note good/bad
    4. Punctuate correctly

      1. Use quotation marks?
      2. Start a new paragraph when changing speakers.

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