Thursday, December 6, 2007

Day 48

English 101 Day 48

  1. Friday: Final, Final Draft of One Essay Due. You MUST INCLUDE with it the draft with my comments (Draft 2) and the rubric with your score for this essay to be considered.
  2. One LAST BP chance. Due Tuesday to English Department. I'll have a box ready. BP only given if all of the steps are followed.
  3. Sample Cover Letter
  4. MLA DeathMatch 2007.
    1. Four Teams enter, one team leaves
    2. First Prize: 10 BP
    3. Second Prize: Steak Knives
    4. Third Prize: You're fired
    5. It's on…


Friday: Final, Final Essays Due; A Cover Letter About Your Writing Due; Evaluation of my teaching done in class.

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