Friday, May 25, 2007

Lesson Plan Day 45 English 101 Spring 07

Coherence notes (also, here and here)

  1. Quiz: Writing Exercise E-ex C4-2
  2. BP deal:
  3. More absence/bp opportunities:
    1. Tuesday 1130 poetry reading by Mark Halperin
    2. Tuesday 730, Parker Room, Jenifer Lawrence
    3. Thursday, MLK room, Prism reception/reading

  1. Still need a hook? Here's one for CNW and here's one for WR
  2. For Monday, from NPR, from YouTube
  3. For Tuesday: Two copies final draft essay 3. Focus on the change the character makes. Quote from the film/script. Toss/Keep headings, but DO INCLUDE TRANSITIONS BETWEEN PARAGRAPHS. Works Cited required.
  4. Also Tuesday, the final week starts. Revised essays probably due the following Tuesday, June 5th.

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