Friday, May 25, 2007

aka: Flow, strong connections, glue, holds together, the thread

Three levels

  1. Within paragraphs
  2. Between paragraphs
  3. Between sections

  • But first, it’s logic/analytical reasoning
  • Second, it’s a thesis
  • Third, it’s organization

Finally, there’s the direct approach

Transitional tags (35 Hacker)

  • And, also, besides, for example, however, finally
  • Works best within paragraph
  • Can work between paragraphs
  • Beware of overuse—can seem clunky, forced.

Repeating Key Words (between paragraphs)

Establish these in your thesis/intro

Ex: In the movie Whale Rider Paikea goes on a journey to become the chief of her tribe. Along the way, she encounters both challenges and assistance as she goes from confusion and fear to clarity and courage.

What are the key words we can repeat to transition between paragraphs?

Link key words in last and first sentences (between paragraphs)

Ex: [paragraph on Paikea’s being tested by her grandfather followed by the summary sentence] As you can see, Paikea sadness shows she is still being tested by her grandfather’s actions.

His actions are offset, somewhat, by the help she receives from Rawiri and her Nann

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