Monday, April 2, 2007

Lesson Plan Day 6 Monday

101 Lesson Plan, Day 6

1. Journal: A time you stole something.

2. Quizzes back Tuesday.

3. Essay Options and Due Dates

a. Rough Draft: Tuesday 4/10—bring 4 copies

b. Final Draft: Friday 4/13

4. Characters are revealed in the following way:

· Their Actions

· Their Choices

· Their speech

· Their Thoughts and Feelings

· Their Past

· Comments by other characters about them

5. Bastard Out of Carolina

a. Protagonist

b. Antagonist

6. Summer Water and Shirley

a. Protagonist

b. Antagonist

7. Spell of Kona Weather

a. Protagonist

b. Antagonist

By Monday: Summer Water and Shirley

“A Spell of Kona Weather”;

By Tuesday: What Means Switch,

By Wednesday: This Boy’s Life; (Quiz: Family Matters/Affairs of the Heart)

By Thursday: Eyes and Teeth; Marigolds

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