Friday, April 6, 2007

Day 10

101 Lesson Plan, Day 10

Quizzes back Monday

From your reading last night

An exercise on intros/thesis.


  • Acceptance
  • Race
  • Family
  • Love
  • Other?

Here’s how to get a good paper for Option 2:

  • Take one of these subjects and ask, what do the stories SAY about them in the process of coming of age? What are their morals?
  • Find three that say roughly the same thing. Put lesson they share in your own words. Avoid clich├ęs.
  • Then for each, show, using quotes, where you came up with your interpretation. This is where the money is: evidence.

Here’s how to get a good paper for Option 1:

  • What stories deal with ethnic/racial heritage?
  • Does having a strong heritage make it easier to come of age for this person?
  • Does having a strong heritage make it harder to come of age for this person?
  • Is it some of both?
    Pick 2 or 3 stories that seem to deal with this issue the most directly.
  • Explain how ethnicity/race influences the protagonists of these stories.
  • Quote from the stories and explain what the quotes mean.

Here’s how to get a good grade for Option 3:

  • Ask: What do the characters realize? for each story.
  • Which stories have “the world is kind” as a realization?
  • Which stories have “the world is cruel” as a realization?
  • Pick one from each side.
  • How did they come to this realization? What led up to it?
  • What happens after they have this realization? You may have to guess.

Here’s how to get a good grade on all options:

  • Reread the stories with the question in mind.
  • List quotes as you go.
  • Start the paper early.
  • Think like a reader. What do they need to be convinced?
  • Ask for help. (Me, Writing Center, Your Friend)

Steps in the Writing Process

Prewriting (TODAY)

  • Freewriting
  • Listing
  • Discussion
  • Five W’s
  • Read/Research
  • Invisible Writing
  • Mapping/Webbing

Scratch Outline (Homework: Due Tues)

Rough Draft (DueWed, Bring four copies)

Peer Review (Wed/Thurs)

Revise-essay level (Friday)

Edit-paragraph level (Saturday)

Proofread-sentence/word level (Sunday)

Second draft (MON 16th, bring 2 copies)




Main idea of an essay.

Usually stated DIRECTLY within the first two paragraphs.

Subject + Idea about the subject = Thesis)

Stated in a sentence or two.

Provides a “road map” for the rest of the essay.

Practice now:


Freewriting (10 minutes)

Listing (10 minutes)

Discussion (groups of 4)


For Monday, An introduction, including a good hook, naming of the authors and stories and a THESIS (main idea) statement for your essay. (/10 points)

For Tues, Scratch Outline: PARAGRAPH by PARAGRAPH topics with two-three quotes listed below each (/10 points) And, I might try something different.

For Wednesday, Rough Draft Due--Bring 4 copies

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