Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Day 2

English 101 Summer 2010 Day 2

  1. Rituals
    1. Any regular activity done in a set pattern can be ritualistic
    2. Rituals and ritualizing tell us how to relate to and give meaning to experience.
    3. We all ritualize, though we may not recognize it.
    4. Many rituals aid or guide life's transitions.
    5. The Rite of Passage is an essential step for growth for individuals and communities.
    6. The Rite of Passage has three stages: Separation, Initiation and Return.
  2. Photographs, part two.
    1. Quiz Thursday
  3. Overview of the class.
  4. What makes a hero?
  5. Star Wars or Avatar or Lion King or Harold and Kumar?
  6. Hero's Journey Overview
  7. Hero's Journey, step by step.
  8. Read The Heroic Journey—as a class? Homework?
  9. Homework, read 56-72 in packet

Create Your Own Rituals—in groups of four. Try one. As a class?

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Nicole said...

I think the hero’s journey officially ruined every movie for me now….because I will always know what is coming or next, and I keep trying to think of a movie that doesn’t fallow this and I’m yet to find one. If there are any I’d love to know.