Thursday, September 25, 2008

Day 4

Fall 08 English 101 Day 4

  1. Names, Quiz Monday.
  2. Friday meet in C210 (Deccio 2nd floor)
  3. Three things in a paragraph.

    1. Three things in an essay. (This is repeated in Hacker C4)
  4. Three things before you write. (There's a good checklist on C1-b in Hacker)
  5. Three things to consider when making your point.
  6. The Writing Process

    1. Three Things plus, one more.

      1. Planning

        1. Hacker, Exploring ideas
      2. Drafting
      3. Revising
      4. Publishing/Presenting

In Class Essay: What are Small Town Values?

How to prepare for and take an in class essay: Short Link, Longer Link

How to prepare for THIS in class essay

  • Do some Exploring of the Idea before coming to class. Try synonyms/antonyms
  • Notes/Outline (See Hacker C1-d page 12)
  • Typed or not, double spaced
  • Not written before class.
  • C210, 50 minutes

A successful essay will have

  1. an intro with a hook/background and thesis
  2. body paragraphs that have clear topic sentences and secondary support (examples/evidence of your point)
  3. a concluding paragraph

The best essays will have

  1. an original thesis, not clich├ęs or obvious statements
  2. credible, logical and varied sources of support
  3. some sizzle (hook, conclusion, risky ideas)

Homework: Chapter 4 TKAM

  1. Three links in case you missed them:

    1. Definition essay
    2. Definition essay
    3. Definition essay sample
    4. One more can't hurt, from the hippies at Reed

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