Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Day 6

English 101 Day 6

We're on the front page, twice.

Bonus Point Opportunities this week:

Sunday 12-2 YV Museum

Information Literacy Workshops in P177

Wednesday 3rd, Thursday 4th at 2:10pm Research: Topic and Thesis

Friday 5th 9:30am Research: Information Sources

Academic Essays

Analysis of the text—some of this is summary, some of this is reading between the lines

Original/Creative/Unique/"Risky" ideas

Use of sources to support your ideas

Talking with an audience

Eventually, argument and counter argument

What can we assume?



Some things about organization (Intro, body, conclusion)

Promise and Betrayal Notes In groups of five

Ch 5; Ch 7; Ch 8; Ch 9

What is the big picture of 1935?

What are the big themes?

Last week we saw:

Failure to learn from history

Failure to heed warnings

Environmental devastation brought on by




Exodus(ters) (um...that's ¼ million, not 14 million)

Indifference to the problem by Feds/Rest of us

And on the plus side:

The human spirit

Self reliance

Community building

Connection to the land

Resilience & Persistence (tough, tough mothers)

Hopes & Dreams

Reading: Tuesday 12; Wednesday 16; Thursday 17-18; Friday 21; Saturday 23; Sunday Epilogue

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