Thursday, October 25, 2007

Day 23

English 101 Day 23

Essays back Thursday/Friday (1130—I owe you doughnuts and you'll go first next round)

Six Groups
Each group: A passage to read aloud—pick parts if you have them.
An essay question to ask the class about the passage.
8—Meet the Joads 67-74; 75-80; 81-85
10—Leaving the Land 90-97; 98-105; 106-114

Prewriting, Essay 2

Journeys: Listing

Places you've lived
Road trips
Metaphoric? (illness, recovery, divorce, loss, pregnancy, childcaring)
Freewrite on one of them.

Chapter 14: Read aloud
Paine, Marx, Jefferson—Briefly
Then, find a quote that Steinbeck would like.

H/W: Read Chapter 16 to bottom of 177 (I work for the boss)
Tim Egan 7-8 Seasons tonight

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